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Project: "Anger"

(ZM Project)


 The world where you need to survive in the harsh and cruel realities, ruled by greed and greed. You need to find food and means for self-defense, as well as cope with multiple tests. Also the game should solve some puzzles. 


Development began in 2019, the idea of the project was born much earlier and was provided by the audience in the user map for the game WarCraft 3. On the project initially worked one developer - Raino. In the middle of 2018, the second developer, N7 Molot, got acquainted with the project, they were also offered to transfer the project to a full-fledged game, as there were many nuances with the WarCraft 3 game engine.

Planned two parts of the game. The release date is still unknown, everything will be the envy of support. So far, you can say little about the project and the key mechanics of the game, as you want to keep it a secret so that the audience could feel a full-fledged bouquet of emotions. We can only say that the project will have full-fledged mechanics of realistic shooting, as well as full survival, that the player can customize to suit your desires in some modes. Also yes, the project will have a large number of modes, from team battles to modern survival.


Battle Mode: "Reaping"

In the middle of the forest there are platforms on which players begin their survival. The goal is to survive as long as possible, have time to pick up food before the rest and kill as many opponents as possible.

This mode of battle - "Battle Royal", so far a test. There are no zones, epidemics and other things in it; in it you just need not to die of hunger. Over time, perhaps the mode will change a bit, and will look like a survival race, perhaps this mode will be removed from the game altogether, or perhaps it will remain as it is. Time will tell.


eternal share:

You can invite friends to the game by giving your friend your nickname. Ask him to enter your nickname in the promo code field during the purchase, and you will receive a 3 day subscription, and your friend a bonus for a monthly subscription. This promotion is eternal, you can invite as many friends as you like, and each time you will receive 3 days of subscription for each extended subscription of your friends, and they are prizes.

system requirements





Windows (32-64)


3 GB


Intel Pentium E5700 Dual-Core (3 GHz)

Sound card

DirectX9 Compatible


GeForce GT 440 - 830/1800 MHz (1GB)


Version 9.0c